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Clays & Modeling Materials Clays & Modeling Materials Clays & Modeling Materials
10-Color Fimo Soft- Set
11-Piece Pottery Tool Set
8" Boxwood Modeling Tool
8-Piece Pottery Tool Kit
Air Dry Modeling Clays
Air-Dry Clay Buckets
Aluminum Calipers
Amador Throwing Clay
Art Plaster
Artone Venus Modeling Clay
B-Mix Throwing Clay
Basic Modeling Tool
Bisque Fix
Blackjack Clay
Boxwood Modeling Tools
Buff Throwing Clay with Sand
Carving Wax
Castin'Craft Clear Polyester Casting Resin with Catalyst
Castin'Craft Flat Round Knob Mold
Castin'Craft MC Poly Molds
Castin'Craft Mold Release & Conditioner
Castin'Craft Opaque Pigments
Casting Resin
Casting Resin Catalyst
Cellfoam 88
Celluclay Instant Papier Mache
Ceramic & Hobby Clean Up Tool
Ceramic Carving Spatula
Ceramic Fettling Knives
Ceramic Underglaze
Cernit Clay
Clay Cutters
Clay Gun Set
Clay Roller
Clay Roller Kit
Clay Shaper
Claycrete - Instant Papier Mache
Clean-Up Tool
Cloud Clay
Cloud Clay Sets
Commercial Trim Knife
Creative Paperclay®
Crystal Clear Glaze
Cut Off Needle Tool
Danish White Throwing Clay
DAP Plaster of Paris
Das Air Hardening Clay
Dave's Porcelain Throwing Clay
Decorating Wheel
Deltasand Castle Molds
Double Ball Stylus Embossing Tool
Double-Ended Ribbon Sculpting Tool Set
Double-Ended Wire Sculpting Tool Set
Double-Wire End Tools
EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy
EasyCast Jewelry Molds
EfaPlast Microwave Modeling Clay
Envirotex Lite Kits & Mixing Cup Set
Etching Tools
Fast Mache Quick Hardening Papier Mache
Fettling Knives
Fimo Classic
Fimo Soft 24-Color Set
Fimo Soft Modeling Clay
Finishing Rubbers
Flexwax Mold-Making Material
Flower Clay Roller
Friendly Plastic All Purpose Pellets
Friller Tool
Gedeo Crystal Resin
Gedeo Glazing Resins
Gedeo Pearl Resin
Gedeo Siligum Silicone Molding Paste
Granitex Sampler
Half and Half Throwing Clay
Hardwood Clay Modeling Tool Set
Hardwood Modeling Tools
Hearty Clay
High-Fire Stoneware Glazes
Hole Cutters
Imported Boxwood Modeling Tools
Italian Black Sculpting Tools
Kato Liquid Polyclay Clear Medium
Kato Polyclay
Kato Polyclay 4-Color Sets
Kato Polyclay Concentrate 4-Color Set
Kato Tools Clay Roller
Kato Tools Nu Blade
Lace Tool
Lace Tools
LaDoll Natural Air Dry Stone Clay
Loop Tools
Low Fire Alligator Textured Glaze
Low Fire Gloss Decorating Color Glazes
Low Fire Gloss Glaze
Low Fire Opalescent Glaze
Low Fire Stone Texture Glaze
Low-Fire Earthenware Glaze
Lumina Air Dry Polymer Clay
Mexican Pottery Clay
Mini Ribbon Sculpting Tool Set
Miniature Boxwood Modeling Tools
Mixing Cup
Mixing Cup Set
Model Air Modeling Clay
Modeling Clay
Modeling Clay
Modeling Clays
Moist Clay
Mold Builder
Mold Trimming Knife
Needle Tool
Original Sculpey Oven-Bake Clay
Ovencraft Clay
PermaStone Casting Compound
Permoplast Modeling Clay
Plast'r Craft II
Plaster Casting Compound
Plaster Wrap
Plastic Modeling Tools
Pluffy Modeling Clay
Pluffy Variety Packs
Plus Clay
Potter' s Cut-Off Needle
Potter' s Heavy Duty Needle
Potter's Finishing Rubbers
Potter's Ribs
Pottery Sponge
Pottery Tool Kit
Pottery Tool Set
Premo! Fashion Art Bead Kits
Premo! Sculpey Metal Crinkle Cutters Kit
Premo! Sculpey Modeling Clay
Pro Needle
Professional Needle Tool
Resin Craft Surface Coat Spray
Ribbon Sculpting Tools
Rigid Wrap
Rubber Latex
Scene-A-Rama Casting Plaster
Scene-A-Rama Plaster Cloth
Scratch Wire Brush
Sculpey Bake Shop Oven-Bake Clay
Sculpey Bake Shop Variety Pack
Sculpey Clay Softener
Sculpey III
Sculpey III Glow-in-the-Dark Set
Sculpey III Sets
Sculpey Keepsake Clay Ornament Kits
Sculpey Keepsake Frame
Sculpey Super Elasticlay
Sculpey SuperFlex Sampler Sets
Sculpey UltraLight
Sculpt it! Modeling Material
Sculptor's Knives
Sculptor's Thumb
Sculptor's Wheel
Sculpture House Roma Plastilina
Sculpture Table Trestle
Sculpture Trestle
Soldate-60 Throwing Clay
Spatter Brush
Special Ribbon Tool
Stainless Steel Calipers
Stainless Steel Loop Tool
Stainless Steel Sculptor's Tools
Stainless Steel Serrated Scraper
Steel Scrapers
Stonex Self-Hardening Clay
Studio by Sculpey 3-Piece Clay Tool Variety Set
Studio by Sculpey 3-Piece Etch 'n Pearl Set
Studio by Sculpey 3-Piece Style & Detail Tools Set
Studio by Sculpey 5-in-1 Clay Tool
Studio by Sculpey 8" Acrylic Roller
Studio by Sculpey Bake & Bond
Studio by Sculpey Glazes
Studio by Sculpey Super Slicer with Comfort Handles
Studio by Sculpey Texture Wheel with 4 Heads
Studio Clay Earth Tones Assortment
Studio Modeling 9-Tool Set with Pouch
Super Sculpey
Super Sculpey Firm
Super Sculpey Living Doll Clay
Super Styrene Sheets
Tissue Slicing Blades
Translucent Liquid Sculpey
Velvet Underglaze
Wet Texturing Brush
Wheat Paste Powder
Wipe Out Tool
Wire and Wood Tools
Wire Clay Cutter
Wire-End Sculpting Tools
Clay Shaper: Cup Chisel: 16
Clay Shaper: Cup Chisel: 16
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Sculpey III Sets: 10-Color Sets: Multi-Pak Brights
Sculpey III Sets: 10-Color Sets: Multi-Pak Brights
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Sculpey III: 2 oz.: Chocolate
Sculpey III: 2 oz.: Chocolate
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Sculpey III: 2 oz.: Gold
Sculpey III: 2 oz.: Gold
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Sculpey III: 2 oz.: Turquoise
Sculpey III: 2 oz.: Turquoise
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Sculpey III: 1 lb.: White
Sculpey III: 1 lb.: White
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COPIC Sketch Marker Sets: 12-Color Set EX-1
COPIC Sketch Marker Sets: 12-Color Set EX-1
Bestsellers  Bestsellers
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